Tucker Joinery

About us

We're a local family running a small firm which cares about the environment, works with natural materials, using both cutting edge technology and age old craftsmanship and employs like minded people who stay with us for years or decades, as well as running an apprenticeship scheme to train the next generation.

Tucker Joinery was established in 1976 by Dave Tucker, my dad, as a traditionally trained cabinet maker. He was born in Bovington where his father was a tank instructor and as a young man, moved to Leeds where he worked in a furniture shop and trained as a cabinet maker. After his apprenticeship he moved back to work at a cabinet maker's in Picket Piece and then started Tucker Joinery in 1976. We still use many of Dad's methods today and, although retired, he can be seen in the workshop most days as he still adores working with wood to create objects of beauty and utility. 

Following in my father's footsteps, I trained as a cabinet maker in Andover and Salisbury before joining the family firm in 1993 to learn every aspect of the job. I may be running the company now but I still turn my hand to any part of the process and then I go home and make more things in my little workshop in the garden.