Woodburner Briquettes

At Tucker Joinery we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and as part of this commitment we recycle our waste sawdust into usable fuel in the form of briquettes.

These briquettes are used to heat our workshop in the winter months, removing any use of oil or electrical heating. During the warmer summer months and during bust periods of machining we have surplus briquettes that are available to purchase.

The briquettes can be used alone in wood burner's in a combination with logs and other timber. Many of our customers use them as an easy way to get the fire started and generate high heat outputs in a short time. They burn much hotter than logs as the timber used is all kiln dried. We offer collection from our workshop and package the briquettes into heat sealed plastic sacks for convenient, mess free handing. Larger quantities are available including convenient palletised delivery to your home.

Our briquettes have no additional binder or glue added, they are formed by simply compressing the waste timber, predominantly hardwood, under immense pressure to form a solid fuel. As we offer our surplus briquettes at a very low cost it is best to call in advance in order to ensure we have adequate stock. Directions and contact details can be found below.