Many people are using different materials for their staircases. This really does open up a whole new design process, and can make your staircase a really interesting main feature of the house.

We are regularly asked to combine metal and glass into our timber staircases. From metal/ steel and glass balustrade, to timber treads on a metal staircase, the design's we have seen are truly special. 

We work alongside other tradesmen to produce these amazing one off pieces. Its great to see different skilled tradesmen working together and getting out of their comfort zone.

We have also been asked to rejuvenate staircases by removing old balustrade and adding glass instead. The glass used is a great way to add extra light to house, and will completely change the look of the room. 

The great thing about having a different material on your staircase, is there is no right or wrong design. It is all down to personal preference, so any design can be considered. 

Please feel free to contact us here if we can help with any up and coming projects you may have.